donderdag 15 september 2022

DNB: Aanpak van witwassen moet gerichter

De Nederlandsche Bank
Aanpak van witwassen moet gerichter
Een meer risicogebaseerde benadering moet de inspanningen om de financiƫle sector vrij te houden van financieel-economische criminaliteit gerichter maken.
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Speech Klaas Knot - "From thaler to tackle. On how to lift us out of the current crises"
"The early days of the pandemic serve as a stark reminder that - in our globalized economies - inward-looking policies almost always lead to a negative sum game.
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Speech Olaf Sleijpen - "Embracing a healthy economy"
Since 2011, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) together facilitate the Annual Inspire2Live Congress. In this year's edition, executive board member of DNB Olaf Sleijpen held a speech.
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Speech Klaas Knot - "Towards a sustainable economy"
"Sustainable finance is not only about managing financial risks, about stability. Sustainability is also about change. About making better choices for a better world." That was the message of Klaas Knot in his lecture at One Planet, where he spoke to an audience of mainly students.
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