dinsdag 1 maart 2022

Register now | Area 1 + Cloudflare: Expanding Zero Trust with email security

Expanding Zero Trust with email security
Thursday, March 3, 2022
9:00 AM PST
Targeted email attacks continue to evade existing email security controls and exploit trusted relationships to remain undetected. Cloudflare has announced its intent to acquire Area 1 Security, a leading cloud-native email security platform, to keep employees safe and productive regardless of where they work or the applications they access.

Join the Cloudflare and Area 1 teams in this webinar to:
  • Learn the latest trends on phishing, BEC, and other targeted email attacks
  • Study how email attacks get past existing email security controls by exploiting trust
  • Learn why Cloudflare sees email security as a critical part of a Zero Trust security posture
  • Observe Area 1 technology in action as it preemptively stops phishing across email, web, and network environments
Meet our speakers
Abhishek Iyer
Product Marketing
Shalabh Mohan
CPO and VP of Marketing
Area 1 Security
Dominic Yip
Director of Sales Engineering
Area 1 Security
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