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Newsletter NWO-MVI March 2020

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Newsletter March 2020
Responsible Innovation
NWO-MVI research focuses on important societal challenges and the innovations required for these. It itemises the societal aspects of these (technological) innovations at an early stage so that they can be taken into account during the design and development phase. Our aim? To realise innovations that are acceptable to society!
Social science and humanities researchers wanted for HTSM MVI top-up research
The HTSM MVI top-up call offers project leaders with a HTSM 2019 grant the possibility to integrate their research into High Tech Systems and Materials with Responsible Innovations (MVI). 

This call is focussed on mapping out at an early stage the societal aspect of the technological breakthroughs and innovative solutions that will result from the HTSM 2019 call. The call stimulates interdisciplinary research with explicit attention for valorisation and involving stakeholders on the design process.
NWO has facilitated the HTSM 2019 project leaders with a MVI information meeting. The project leaders that were present at that meeting, or who have explicitly communicated their interest in the MVI top-up are eligible to send in an application in the HTSM MVI top-up call.

The list of all the potential MVI top-up applicants, their contact information, a link to and a short description of their HTSM research project can be found here.
Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI): Technology for staffable care
To tackle the increasing shortage of personnel and to safeguard the accessibility of care, it is important to develop IMDI technology and to ensure that the results emerging from the research are actually implemented as quickly as possible. In the call for breakthrough projects, IMDI ​​offers the opportunity for promising innovations to take a number of steps in the innovation chain in order to bring research results to responsible innovations and economic return.

The deadline for submitting applications for the multidisciplinary Technology for Staffable care - Demonstration projects programme is 28 April. The project proposals must have a connection with Responsible Innovation research (NWO-MVI).
On 20 March, a matchmaking event will be organised. During this morning, more information will be shared about the call for proposals and the 'Responsible Innovation research programme' (NWO-MVI) approach. Interested researchers and organisations can join forces and collaborate on a project initiative.

You can register via [email protected] or via the ZonMw website. Attending the meeting is free of charge and a lunch will be provided afterwards.
Save the date
MVI and Electro Chemical Conversion and Materials (ECCM)
The ECCM MVI top-up call will be published shortly. This call offers the opportunity to connect MVI-research with the ECCM research lines that will be granted in the second half of March. To bring these ECCM tenure track researchers in contact with alpha and gamma researchers a matchmaking sessions will be organised on Tuesday 28 April. Keep this date free in your schedule, more details will follow soon.

Renewable electricity will play a major role in the transition to an energy supply without CO2 emission. This transition is a necessary path towards reaching CO2 neutrality in 2050. Producing these fuels and chemicals from biomass and/or CO2 powered by renewable energy is a considerable challenge. Electrochemical conversion will be the key enabling technology towards this transition.
Embryomodels and hereditary diseases
Another possibility for Responsible Innovation (NWO-MVI) research is the subsidy programme on embryo models and organoids that ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) is carrying out for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. ZonMw opens two subsidy rounds in March. This contains a round for multidisciplinary consortia, in which medical-biological researchers from different disciplines work together with alpha and gamma scientists. A call for subsidies is also published for ethical research into the moral acceptability of creating non-viable embryos for research.

A meeting for this programme will take place on Wednesday 1 April.
Please save the date: more information will follow.
Research into embryos raises questions in our society. In the Netherlands it is not permitted to create human embryos specially for medical scientific research. The Rutte III cabinet is therefore focusing on research with pluripotent stem cells to:
  • develop alternative model systems for human embryo research;
  • to acquire knowledge for the treatment of serious hereditary diseases.
Impactful photos can depict the story of technology and social shifts
Prof. Anthonie Meijers, chair of the NWO-MVI Board and founder of the national "4TU Center for Ethics and Technology" said farewell to Eindhoven University of Technology last November. 

In the exhibition "Denkbeelden", which was set up for this occasion, work by a special group of photographers was exhibited.

Anthonie Meijers about the photos: "They are photographers with a story, a message they wish to convey, often with a scientific, philosophical background. Images that lead us to think about how the inimitable technological developments affect our environment, the people around us and ultimately ourselves."

"The exhibition 'Denkbeelden' focused on socially disruptive technologies. These are technologies that will not just change specific domains or practices for which they were designed, but that will change our life in a much broader sense. The new generation of these technologies has a number of characteristics. First, it promises almost complete control over atoms, bits, genes, and neurons, allowing for everything to be reconstituted or redesigned, including even human beings. Second, it is characterized by blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Finally, these technologies emerge in the context of a number of grand societal challenges, such as combating climate change and meeting the UN Sustainable Developments Goals, which will actually require a range of technological and societal transformations."

At this moment plans are made to exhibit the photos on several locations in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) awards funding to socially responsible blockchain innovations

The NWO Domain Science board has allocated €1.5 million to coherent research in the field of socially responsible blockchain innovations. This study's multidisciplinary research team will focus specifically on the potential social impact of blockchain innovations.


Green light for research into responsible marine biofuels
NWO has approved a project within the Value from Biomass programme. This project focuses on research into the use of biomass to produce maritime biofuels. The multidisciplinary research is led by Dr. Lotte Asveld of Delft University of Technology and will start in 2020.

Twitter account @NWO_MVI integrated with Twitter account @NWO_SSH
The Twitter account of MVI (@NWO_MVI) will be integrated with the Twitter account of the NWO domain Social Sciences and Humanities on 15 March 2020: @NWO_SSH. This contributes to a further integration of the responsible innovation research programme (NWO-MVI) with communication from the domain. From 15 March @NWO_MVI will no longer be used for sending tweets. We still monitor this account and refer if necessary. The account will remain online for the time being, until further notice.

Follow the @NWO_SSH account to keep up to date with future MVI tweets, re-tweets and announcements.
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Responsible Innovation

NWO-MVI research focuses on important societal challenges and the innovations required for these. It itemises the societal aspects of these (technological) innovations at an early stage so that they can be taken into account during the design and development phase. Our aim? To realise innovations that are acceptable to society!

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